Jinda developed a freeze vacuum dryer

Cryo-vacuum drying technology can effectively preserve the biological activity of living substances, especially for heat-sensitive substances, with the purpose of storage, preservation, and prolongation of activity. After biological products are freeze-dried and vacuum dried, they should meet cert READ MORE

Feng Shui Wang Cai planning in the office decoration

First, the company's studio of all Wangcai planning: 1, the company opened the door to the most critical position, the company's overall orientation but the open door is not lucky, "to come and go two deaths and deaths," "Ning help others establish thousands of graves, do not READ MORE

Ammeter considerations

Ammeter considerations 1. Check the contents of the ammeter before it is put into operation a. Make sure the current signal is well connected, there is no open circuit phenomenon; b. Determine the correct phase sequence of the current signal; c. Make sure the power source meets the req READ MORE

January China Small Vehicle Market Analysis Report

In January 2013, the overall brand structure was relatively stable in the small car market in China, and there were only three brands in the top ten in the rankings. Among them, Kia Qilian won the championship of brand watch; Long arranged for two positions, which surpassed Hyundai and Che READ MORE

In 2015, the total output value of the instrumentation …

According to the "Twelve Five-year Development Plan for Instruments and Meter Industry", by 2015, the total output value of the instrumentation industry will reach or approach one trillion yuan, and the average annual growth rate will be about 15%; and the export volume will exce READ MORE

Opens up a business and uses technology to create energ…

The ancients did things in their own right, and techniques used to carry the Tao, which meant understanding the principles of all things in order to win success and using advanced technology to pursue their own values. For enterprises, continuous mastery of advanced knowledge and science and READ MORE

Research on China's Auto Parts Exchange Conference

The most troublesome thing now is how to become the largest influential power in China. The most missed exhibitors who missed the exhibition are some suitable exhibition halls with large area and convenient transportation. In addition to the increase in the number of exhibitors, the improve READ MORE