Oxidative roasting of carbonaceous oxidized ore

Changgiakou carbonaceous shale ore gold oxide, gold mainly occur in natural brown iron pyrite, white lead, galena, yellow copper ore and quartz, flotation concentrates produced by the carbon-containing argillaceous And the higher the carbonate, the recovery rate of cyanide leaching gold is 85%. In READ MORE

Research report on ore dressing of Caoping gold deposit…

The test was carried out under various conditions, and a reasonable process flow and pharmaceutical system were formulated for the treatment of the ore. A good indicator of the gold concentrate grade of 108.15 g/t and a recovery rate of 92.28% was obtained. Qinling important gold mine type, is f READ MORE

Control chart (management diagram) concept

A control chart is a chart with control limits used to analyze and determine whether production is in a steady state. The control chart not only reflects static but also reflects its dynamic product quality. If the top of each rectangle of the figure (the histogram of the gold concentrate grade cha READ MORE

Study on the combined technology of a high-phosphorus l…

With the rapid development of China's iron and steel industry, domestic iron ore resources are increasingly strained, the availability of iron ore resources are increasingly tend to be poor, fine, miscellaneous. In order to improve the self-sufficiency rate of China's iron ore resources and READ MORE

What types of fire-fighting methods are commonly used f…

The methods of extinguishing internal fires can be divided into four categories: direct fire extinguishing, insulated fire extinguishing, combined fire fighting and pressure equalizing fire extinguishing. The direct fire extinguishing method is to directly extinguish the fire in the vicinity of th READ MORE

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process

The beneficiation of molybdenum ore is mainly flotation, and the recovered molybdenum mineral is molybdenite. Molybdenite easily disintegrate sheet or plate form along the structure between the output layer, which is the natural floatability Hui copper ore good reason. Under suitable grinding fine READ MORE

Mining of sand deposits (glass siliceous raw materials)

1. Mining methods and division of mining scales <br> Sand mines are open-pit mining, and their mining scale is divided into rock mines. Inner Mongolia Zhemeng (silicon) sand company's glass sand mine production reached 650,000 t / a with 11 mining areas, of which Ganqika sand mine output r READ MORE