New technology of molybdenum ore flotation

The beneficiation method of molybdenum ore is mainly flotation, and the recovered molybdenum mineral is molybdenite. Sometimes in order to improve the quality of molybdenum concentrate, remove impurities, and then carry out chemical beneficiation of molybdenum concentrate. The molybdenite crystal i READ MORE

A number of listed car dealership groups announced 2017…

Since January, a number of Hong Kong-listed car dealership groups have announced profit announcements on the Stock Exchange, and are expected to see significant growth in their 2017 operating results. The following is a summary of the profit pre-hi announcement released by some listed car dealersh READ MORE


EN6cd01702e816a15ae601b9137e178645 Lamp Controller Requirements EN6cd01702e816a15ae601b9137e178645 The luminaire controller requires changes to the grounding content as follows: 1. Protective grounding regulations The electrical connection or clamping method is effective against loosening and pr READ MORE

95 gasoline can make the engine back to life! Is this r…

We may have heard people say that 95-gasoline is more powerful than 92-gasoline, more fuel-efficient, cleaner and more environmentally friendly, and that higher-grade gasoline is better for the engine. Therefore, even if the 95th gasoline is more expensive, some car owners will be willing to pay f READ MORE

Bank: Future identity guardian?

The old adage that "money can make the ghosts grind" may still apply in today's real world, but in the virtual world, "identity" is the king. Admittedly, it still costs money to buy goods and services on Amazon. However, it is undeniable that secure digital identities made READ MORE

Measuring principle and classification of liquid partic…

The photoresist particle counter is a measurement method developed along with cleanliness measurement and pollution degree monitoring. It is divided into two types according to the measurement object: one is a common name particle counter for measuring the size and quantity of particles in a gas, al READ MORE

The development and application of Internet of Things t…

In an instant we have entered 2018. In the past few years, especially in 2017, the development and application of Internet of Things technology has undergone rapid changes. In addition to telecom operators represented by telecommunications and enterprises represented by Huawei, as always, they hav READ MORE