Auto professional vocabulary WZ

Warning device warning device
Warning lamps of emergency motor vehicles Emergency lights
Warning Reflex Reflectors Warning Reflectors
Warning switch, ignition key
Washer gasket
Washer , pinion yoke drive gear universal joint fork washer
Washing fluid Washing fluid
Washing fluid for low-temperature use
Wastegate wastegate
Water jacket
Water jacket, intake manifold
Water line water line
Water pump
Water pump assy.
Water pump pulley water pump pulley
Water Resistance Test Water Resistance Test
Water valve
Water valve body
Water-cooled water-cooled
Weathering Resistance Weathering Resistance

Weathering Test Weathering Test
Webbing webbing
Weight weight
Weighted factor
Wet basis wet basis
Wet-bulb wet ball
Wheel alignment
Wheel alignment tester
Wheel-arch cutting wheel
Wheel balance wheel balance
Wheel Arrangement Wheel Arrangement
Wheel chair lift wheel chair lift
Wheel cylinder wheel cylinder
Wheel rim
Wheelbase wheelbase, track distance
Wheel house wheel guard
Width contraction test
Wind hose, panel instrument
Window Glass Window Glass
Windshield Wiper Wiper
Wiper motor wiper motor
Wire connector wire connector
Wire repair vehicle wire repair vehicle
Wobbe index Wobbe index
Wobble plate

Work van
Working position
Working principle diagram of brake booster
Yoke universal fork
Yoke assy. , axle pinion Active gear universal joint fork assembly
Zero gas zero gas

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete Mixer Truck,Mixer Truck,Cement Truck

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