Global car sales soared 12% in 2010, totaling more than 61.7 million vehicles

According to a report released by the German Automobile Federation in Berlin on the 14th, global sales of cars in 2010 have soared 12% over the previous year, with a total of more than 61.7 million vehicles.

The report said that global household car sales were booming last year, but the sales market in developed and developing countries was uneven. The European market was sluggish. New car sales decreased to 13.36 million units in the year, a decrease of 5.5%. Germany, which is a major automobile producer, is one of the weakest markets. Its annual sales volume was only 2.92 million, a drop of 23.4%.

The Asian market is booming. In 2010, China's auto sales were close to 11.3 million, an increase of about 33%. India's car sales were 2.4 million, an increase of 31%.

In addition, car sales in Brazil, Russia and North America all increased.

The German Automobile Federation predicts that the global car sales market will continue to maintain its growth this year. Germany’s largest automaker, Volkswagen AG, expects global car sales to increase by 5% in 2011.

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