Electric vehicle technology accessories less safety features more important

The early electric vehicles were mainly devoted to boosting electricity and driving. They did not pay attention to the allocation of technology facilities. A few days ago, the automotive website Autobytel.com initiated a survey of on-board technology facilities, showing that consumers have the most demand for GPS global positioning system, accounting for about 30%.

Once upon a time, entry-level vehicles were poorly equipped, and no radio was ever installed. In the rain-ridden UK, some cars do not even have heaters. But nowadays people want everything on the car. The air conditioner, CD player and iPod interface are standard.

However, in this survey, the second best option was "My life can leave technology." 14% of voters chose voice-activated phone, radio and navigation, 8% chose rear-seat entertainment, and 6% Select Bluetooth and iPod/MP3 access, 5% of people choose the Internet.

Interestingly, the most popular options distract the driver's attention, such as voice recognition, which could have prevented the driver from distracting, but it has also somewhat distracted the driver's attention. Thirty-five percent of respondents said that a car accident had occurred or was almost due to the use of mobile phones and iPods while driving.

Chris Allen, an assistant editor at Autobytel, said that those who chose "My life can leave technology" might care more about whether or not the energy is concentrated when driving. Those who respect GPS global navigation systems believe that the most distracted, but if the navigation system is worse, it is even more frustrating.

By 2016, 90% of cars will install wireless communication equipment. Sixty-eight percent of young people think that it is important to be able to get online in the car. It is very pleasant and the current vehicles in motion cannot access the Internet.

The number of wireless devices in electric vehicles is variable, but it can be more or less. People always think that electric cars are smarter. In the future, the driver can use the mobile phone to reserve the charging time or find a suitable charging station to use non-rush hour charging. But suppose that all the power of the electric car comes from the battery, and the individual's demand may be appropriately reduced, because if you want to listen to music loudly or watch movies in the back seat, people don't expect how far they can go.

But Larry Burns, formerly vice president of General Motors, said that in the near future, electric cars can be unmanned and they can use wireless devices to understand traffic conditions to avoid traffic jams. By then, the battery capacity will be endless.

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