·China and Thailand will cooperate to build a Sino-Thai automobile production chain

On September 3, the Sino-Thai auto enterprise business docking event was held in Thailand to build a bridge between China's automakers and Thai auto parts companies in Thailand to build a Sino-Thai auto production chain.
There were three Chinese automakers participating in business negotiations on the same day, namely SAIC Zhengda Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Brilliance Auto International Trading Co., Ltd., and about 30 Thai auto parts companies matching their products participated in the negotiations. According to reports, Chinese brand cars assembled and produced in Thailand can be used as Thai-made cars as long as they use 40% of Thai-made parts and exported to ASEAN, Australia and Asian markets in accordance with relevant free trade agreements.
Chen Bowen, executive vice president of Kai Tai Bank, said at the press conference that the automobile manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry in Thailand, and the automobile industry accounts for 10% of GDP. In 2012, Thailand's automobile production reached 2.5 million, making it the ninth largest automobile producer in the world. Thailand is also the largest automobile manufacturing base in Southeast Asia, with more than 2,000 auto parts manufacturing companies. With its location advantage, sound infrastructure and strong strength in the automotive and parts industries, Thailand has attracted internationally renowned automobile manufacturers to establish automobile production bases in Thailand, including well-known automobile manufacturing companies in China.
Pachara Shamalapa, executive vice president of Kai Tai Bank, said that Kai Tai Bank will provide international trade financing support to Chinese automakers and expand credit lines for small and medium-sized enterprises such as Thai auto parts manufacturers.

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