Obstruction to the Development of Domestic CNC Machine Tools

Obstruction to the Development of Domestic CNC Machine Tools In recent years, the development of domestic CNC machine tools is not very good. What is the reason that hinders the development of domestic CNC machine tools? First, efforts are being made to improve the level of CNC equipment, thereby improving the competitiveness and level of power generation equipment manufacturing industry. The transformation of China's manufacturing industry from large countries to strong countries, low-end to high-end, and Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation must rely on technological innovation. The rapid development of the current economy has caused major changes in manufacturing technology. However, China is currently only a large manufacturing country for non-innovative products. It depends on labor, prices, resources, etc., to occupy a place in low-end products.

CNC machine tools are the key equipment for modern manufacturing, and they are important basic industries that are related to the country’s strategic status and reflect the country’s overall national strength. In order to meet the needs of the power generation equipment manufacturing industry, the country spends a large amount of dollars each year to introduce CNC machine tools, which has enabled China's CNC equipment to grow rapidly. However, compared with Germany and Japan, the application level of digital technology in China's manufacturing industry is still too low. Faced with this challenge, it is of great significance to focus on improving the level of CNC equipment and mastering high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision machining technologies.

In response, the experts of the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association also told ofweek that many companies in the field of electrics are faced with relocation or expansion. At the same time, they also need to implement technological transformation and upgrading of products, which require a lot of advanced machining equipment. The demand for CNC machine tools is very large.

Secondly, the machine tool industry must study and solve the bottleneck problem in the production of numerical control machine tools in China, strive to improve the design and manufacturing of the functional components of CNC machine tools, and accelerate the research and development of numerical control systems. One of the weakest links in China's machine tool industry is the CNC system, which is equivalent to the "brain" of CNC machine tools. When it comes to CNC systems, everyone thinks of Siemens, Fanuc and others. Their CNC system software is powerful and stable, and almost all domestic high-end CNC systems are imported.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China has developed multi-axis multi-channel and bus-type high-end numerical control devices in CNC systems, and Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. has completed the production of 50 sets of open all-digital high-end numerical control devices. The domestic CNC system has developed rapidly, but after all, it has just begun industrialization and is still in its infancy. In high-speed cutting, foreign countries can reach tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of revolutions, ensuring the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of machining, but the domestic speed Only a few thousand turns are not as mature as foreign technology.

At present, the current status of production of functional components in China is developed by the machine tool manufacturers themselves, with fewer specialized manufacturers, weaker R&D teams, no functional product lines, too few branded products, and excessive development time. In order to produce CNC machine tools with high quality and high speed, it is necessary to first produce high-quality and rapid functions such as magazines, manipulators, spindle units, ball screws, and linear guides of CNC machine tools.

Third, the level of CNC machine tools needs to be improved. The development direction of CNC machine tools is intelligent, networked, high-speed, high-precision, composite, and environmental protection. In terms of accuracy and rigidity, Germany and Switzerland have the best machine tools. The overall situation is that Germany has the highest level, and Japan has the largest production value. From the aspect of the purchase of CNC machine tools by Donghua in recent years, there is still a gap between domestic CNC machine tools and foreign machine tools at the product level.

In terms of machining accuracy, horizontal machining centers in foreign countries are equipped with precision temperature compensation systems for machine tools, and machining accuracy is relatively stable, while domestic research and development is still in progress.

In terms of CNC lathes, CNC lathes have less domestically-made functions with low accuracy, and the imported functions have more power and accuracy. Most domestically produced economical CNC lathes, multi-function CNC lathes and turning centers produce less; while foreign production is basically multi-functional CNC lathes and turning centers. The foreign turning centers have double spindles, double turrets, Y-axis, C-axis, and even B-axis, with many functions. The spindle speed and spindle power of foreign CNC lathes are generally higher than domestic CNC lathes. In addition, it can produce high-power, high-rigidity numerically-controlled lathes and turning centers suitable for the processing of high-strength heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys, as well as precision CNC lathes and turning centers that rely on vehicles for grinding, and these products are basically left blank in China. In addition, the accuracy of the spindle, such as the company's purchase of 3500 × 15000 CNC sleeper economy can reach 0.007mm, the purchase of the same specifications of domestic machine tools is 0.03 ~ 0.04mm, and unstable.

Fourth, advanced cutting technology needs urgent research and application. According to reports, in terms of processing technology, foreign countries have been studying high-speed machining technology for many years, systematically researching the mechanism of high-speed machining, the structure of machine tools, the influence of machine rigidity and precision, and developing and producing various High-speed milling center and high-speed machining center are widely used in aerospace aluminum alloy parts and mold processing. Foreign multi-axis machining technology has been widely used in various types of machine tools, and its variety and demand are expanding, while China has only developed new products, only a few products passed the production verification. The majority of multi-axis CNC machine tools purchased by Donghak are imported.

Fifth, the manufacturing capability and manufacturing technology of the machine tool plant itself need to be improved. According to reports, the manufacturing technologies of China's machine tool manufacturers, such as spindle grinding, spindle box finishing, and guide rail finishing, are basically equivalent to those of foreign countries, but the overall manufacturing technology is quite different from that of foreign countries.

"China's machine tool manufacturing companies only accounted for 3% to 5% of the equipment's numerical control rate. The dimensional consistency of machine tool parts depends mainly on manual guarantees. Product quality is greatly affected by human factors, and delivery dates are also difficult to guarantee. Most of the company's manufacturing equipment is CNC machine tools, and some companies use flexible manufacturing units, flexible manufacturing systems, and intelligent network manufacturing technologies to implement intelligent management and monitoring of the entire production process through computer networks and smart production centers, he said.

Sixth, reliability, delivery capacity, and service quality need to be improved. Compared with foreign products, domestic CNC machine tools have significant differences in machine tool reliability. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of foreign machine tools is more than 5,000 hours, while domestic machine tools are much lower than this figure. “The failure rate of domestic machine tools is very high,” he said. The company’s well-known machine tool factories in the company’s well-known bed and trampolines, mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems have experienced frequent failures, especially serious machine leaks (oil, liquid, and gas). serious.

Compared with foreign countries, domestic CNC machine tools have relatively long delivery dates. The delivery time of foreign general CNC machine tools is about 3 months, slightly more complex is 5-6 months, and large and heavy machine tools are 12-14 months. After the signing of the contract of the domestic machine tool plant, it was unable to deliver the goods, and some delays reached two years. In this regard, Dongxi has a lot of experience, but most of the domestic enterprises are not timely enough, and the overall quality of maintenance personnel is relatively low compared with the ability to troubleshoot. difference.

Seventh, the tool industry should strengthen the development and application of high-performance and complex tools, and strive to improve the effectiveness of CNC machine tools. With the development of high-speed, high-precision, intelligent, compound and environmental protection of CNC machine tools, new requirements for “high-precision, high-efficiency, high-reliability, and specialization” have been put forward for CNC tools. The domestically-made CNC tool technology lags behind, and there is a significant gap in terms of life, reliability, etc. No matter in terms of variety, performance, or quality, it is far from meeting the requirements of the power generation equipment manufacturing industry. Due to the small variety of domestic tools and low life expectancy, it seriously affects the efficiency of CNC machine tools.

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