United States: Sharing solar energy to cut electricity bills

In California, there are more and more examples of setting up photovoltaic systems for rental apartments. What drives this is the California subsidy system and the previously introduced virtual net metering price (VNM: virtualnetmetering). VNM refers to a photovoltaic power generation system that is set up in other places as well as a photovoltaic power generation system set up by others, as it is installed on the roof of the house.
In the rental of apartments, the action of setting up a photovoltaic power generation system for low-income people is first active. Because California launched a multifamily Affordable SolarHousing (MASH) subsidy program to promote photovoltaic systems for rental apartments for low-income people in 2007.
MASH will provide subsidies at the time of installation according to the set capacity of the photovoltaic power generation system. For example, when the electricity is used for public utilities, the subsidy is US$1.9/W (converted by AC), and the subsidy is 2.8 USD/W (for AC conversion). The budget for the project from 2007 to 2016 totaled $108 million.
The project can take advantage of the user's virtual ownership of the VNM of the photovoltaic system, thus reducing setup costs. If you do not use VNM, you will actually prepare a photovoltaic system for each resident of the rental apartment. In this way, solar modules and power conditioners must be prepared for each household and wired separately.
If you use VNM that can virtualize your PV system, you only need to set up the solar cell module on the roof of the rental apartment. The power is converted by a power conditioner and distributed to each household through the meter (Figure 1). As of July 2013, 6,265 households have reduced their monthly electricity bills using VNM.
Cut the setup fee (figure: CaliforniaPublicUtilitiesCommission)
EverydayEnergy, based in San Diego, Calif., actively uses the VNM approach in California's rental apartments for low-income people. The company's CEO, Scott Sarem, said that through VNM, large-capacity photovoltaic systems that maximize the use of building roofs and parking lots can be set at low cost.
For example, the ParkVillas project, designed and set up by the company, is a rental apartment for a total of 144 low-income people. The installed photovoltaic power generation system has a capacity of 464 kW, and the overall annual power generation is 775,500 kWh. Of these, 95 are provided to households and the remaining 5 are used for public facilities.
EverydayEnergy opened a new rental apartment in Osaka in August 2013. The capacity of the solar cell modules on the roof of the apartment and the parking lot is 139kW, which can meet the electricity consumption of about 80 households in a total of 80 households. Made a contribution. A resident thanked Salem for saying that he bought new shoes for his children with the saved electricity bill.

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