Taiwan established to bring high-efficiency light bulbs to Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Taiwan Jianzhun Group has been focusing on high-power LED bulb cooling technology for more than 10 years, and the brand spirit of continuous pursuit of innovation, with innovative, energy-saving, high-efficiency and excellent heat dissipation technology, designed for the next generation of high-brightness, high-power LED balls. The bulb provides a tailor-made cooling solution. In the standard E27 bulb, the patented air intake and air outlet have a space for accommodation, and then a small fan and radiator are placed to achieve ultra-high lumen and small volume. Extend lamp life and meet US Energy Star standards.
Taiwan Jianzhun Group opened high-heat-efficiency light bulbs, which enabled the E27 to reach 2,500 lm, replacing the huge power consumption and energy consumption of existing traditional lighting, and achieving the demands of high efficiency, energy saving, carbon reduction, power saving and environmental protection. Jianzhun Group will also exhibit high-efficiency 32000lm400W ultra-high lumen mini-innovative cooling technology, reducing the weight from the traditional 17kg to 406g, and simultaneously exhibiting the corresponding thermal solutions of the latest generation of international LED manufacturers such as PhilipsFortimoSLMGen3 and OsramPrevaLED3000lm. .
At present, LED bulbs on the market mainly use 800lm8W to replace 60W incandescent bulbs as the mainstream. However, due to low lumens, it is impossible to completely replace the real lighting source requirements. According to the US Energy Star standard, the minimum light output of LED lamps (Lumens) 1100lm replaces 75W and 1600lm instead of 100W incandescent bulbs to achieve true lighting source requirements.
In the past, the LED800lm8W bulb has a low lumen, and generally adopts passive heat dissipation. In the bulb casing, the heat sink fin design is used to increase the heat dissipation area and use different thermal interface materials. In order to achieve the heat dissipation effect, today, once the lumen is higher than 1100 lm, and it must meet the E27 standard size and achieve heat dissipation efficiency, there will be a need for an active heat dissipation module.
With the gradual phase-out of incandescent light bulbs in mainland China, and various energy-saving policies in the mainland have been launched, and the incandescent ban was officially implemented in October 2012, according to mainland media reports, in the recent lighting forum of Beijing International Lighting Exhibition, Lu Fang, director of the China National Development and Reform Commission's elimination of incandescent lamps, revealed that the scale of LED lighting products will be expanded to 30 million in 2013. In addition to the original tunnel lights, street lights, downlights and spotlights, LED bulbs will be added. subsidy.

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