My opinion on the maintenance management of marine air compressor

The MF collection center Huang Feng entered the oil valve type. In July 1997 N0.3 sheared the oil roller to break and caused the cam to be damaged. In January 2000, N0.1 granules were crushed by the roller and caused the cam to be damaged. In January 2001, the 3.6 shearing oil roller was broken, and the cam was not affected by the early and timely replacement.

What are the reasons for the many wheel crushing accidents? I think that the possibility of blue species is for reference only.

1 The high pressure and the tired plunger sleeve bite to cause the roller to be damaged. This is the biggest possibility of the roller breaking. When the plunger is dead. Then the running cam will strike the roller strongly and cause the roller to be damaged, causing spalling and cracking. Although it was ugly at the time, it would be a terrible situation of breaking up after a long time. The following column shows the relationship between the two. 1 cylinder high torsion oil rack September 1998, 25 mouth, smart check, bite to death, 2000, January, skillful, round, clever 0.3, Xiangxiang, Hunan, 10.6, nest, fairy frame, July 1997, Huasheng official, bite, July 7, 1997 The amount of stagnation bite 7 cylinder commercial oil installed in September 1998 2 in the tube bite and the current inspection no abnormality found 199 Ming March 10 skillful round of knocking in 2001 January rolling treatment handle view from above At this point, the high-pressure oil-based roller that the plunger sleeve has bitten dead has been continuously damaged after several years. In practice, the cylinder roller that has not been bitten has not been damaged, which should cause the administrator to pay more attention. After the plunger sleeve is bitten, special inspection of the roller is required to inspect the roller, otherwise the cam will be damaged and the loss will be serious.

2 The oil cooler pressure is artificially adjusted too high. Through the old injector I found on the spare and removed, the injection pressure is obviously too high at 440460bar4446Pa, which is overloaded for the roller. Then why is the pressure of the oily pressure? This has to be adjusted from the injector pressure regulation. When the pressure is applied, the injector will form a streamlined oil jet at about 350bar35Pa, and then when the oil pressure is up to 400baパ40Pa. When starting the spray, the spray is started. This is the pressure to start the valve. Some comrades may adjust the pressure of the streamlined oil flow to 40 arU0Pa. The pressure is so high that the improvement is to be strictly enforced. The specification specifies that the outer circumference of the cam is an integral multiple of the outer circumference of the wheel. If it is an integral multiple, then the starting point of the chestnut will be on a fixed line of the roller, and the roller will be fatigued for a long time.

The improvement opinion has already become a boat. Now it can only be viewed from the management point of view. That is, when parking, every time, every time, the oil-cooling single-cylinder oil stop method is implemented, the roller is lifted, and the roller is turned to a small angle by hand. The force is evenly distributed.

The marine air compressor protects the air compressor in addition to providing the necessary power source for the host start-up operation, and also provides convenience for daily production and life. The most basic maintenance work of the air compressor is to replace the valve pressure and pressure at regular or as appropriate to ensure good working conditions of the air compressor. The method of grinding the valve piece is to turn the 8-word method to make the valve piece evenly polished without causing partial grinding. The grinding valve mainly grinds the working surface, and it is not necessary to require a high degree of flatness on both sides, so as to avoid unnecessary wear and waste, and the grinding method of the valve seat is also a transfer method. For the valve seat, the ring groove may become shallow and the valve seat may become thin due to the long-term use and the loss of grinding. Most ships have either the valve seat for this kind of situation or they are scrapped. In fact, the valve with the ring groove is shallow and the valve seat is thinned. It can be processed and used again by turning the valve seat on the lathe. Deepen the ring groove, re-grind, and then use it again. The method is simple, but it is very practical. It not only saves the company's spare parts expenses, but also brings convenience to Wang Zuo. After the valve seat is ground, clean it with air, reassemble it, perform a leak test, fill the diesel oil in the intake air, and observe the presence or absence of oil on the reverse side to determine the sealing condition.

The more vulnerable part of the air compressor is the bellows of the pneumatic release valve. The bellows is made of bronze. Due to the long-term interaction of alternating stress, the belt is easily broken, causing gas leakage on the low-pressure side, which ultimately results in The working time of the air compressor is too long, the rising air pressure is too slow or the high temperature is reported to be jumped. This fault is easier to be judged. When the air compressor is used, the air leakage sound of the pneumatic residual valve is more obvious, and the pressure rises slowly or hardly. change. At this time, stop the air compressor, turn off the outlet valve, remove the pneumatic release valve, take out the bellows, and clean it, then weld the cracked parts with solder. Since the bellows is made of copper, it is easy to weld, and the post-weld effect is satisfactory. In addition to the leakage of the bellows due to the breakage of the bellows, the pneumatic valve may also cause air leakage due to eccentric wear of the needle valve seat or excessive wear. The material of the valve seat is polyplastic, that is, plastic products, which can be made by bicycles made of plastic rods on board, pay attention to ensure the matching size. The two parts on the raft are common fault-prone areas. It is easier to identify and save the work, and the elimination method is simpler.

Regularly clean the cooler regularly, avoiding excessive internal dust, affecting the cooling effect, causing the high temperature of the air compressor to report the jump; periodically check the cooling water pro-impeller condition, because the impeller is a rubber product, it is easy to age and break, broken Broken blades are easy to block in the cooling water pipe, blocking the cooling water, which is the cause of the high temperature report of the air compressor; the class pays attention to check the working condition of the cylinder oil injector to ensure effective lubrication and prevent dry friction; regular cleaning It is the basic quality that every engineer should have, and it is the premise of maintaining the maintenance of machinery and equipment. It is the guarantee for the safe driving of ships. Guangzhou Xiangyuan Shipyard Cooperation Co., Ltd. Dong Yuguan produces 5 pieces of pressure oil, Jingqiao wheel, many times knocked the skill, may cause reasons Huang Feng 61

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