State-supported major environmental protection technology and equipment catalogue support units

In order to promote the landing of the “National Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged for Development”, the China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association launched in January 2015 the “Recruitment of Major Environmental Technology Equipment Supported by the State”.

Through expert review and publicity procedures, 148 support units were identified. The production products cover the fields of atmosphere, water, solid waste, environmental monitoring instrumentation, materials and pharmaceuticals, comprehensive utilization of resources, noise, and environmental emergency, and the full coverage of encouraged catalogues was realized. . Relying on both the leading companies in the industry and the “specialized, refined, special, and new” SMEs, they have strong industry representativeness, and they are active in strengthening technological innovation and application, communicating upstream and downstream industry information, and promoting the development of the industry. enhancement.

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Material grade: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316

                     steel DC01,DC04,ST12,Q235,SJ235R

                     galvanized steel sheet DX51D

Stock thickness ranges from 0.30mm-6.0mm for stainless steel

                                        0.30mm-3.0mm for copper

                                        0.30mm-6.0mm for aluminum

                                        0.20mm-6.0mm for carbon steel

Surface finishing: polishing, satin blasted,powder coating, electro plating,anodize

Application: motor housing, metal cover, caps etc. 

Deep Drawing Parts

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