Chuanyi successfully developed two analytical instrument products

At present, the product has been successfully put into operation in South Africa and Zambia. It has also laid a solid foundation for the successful signing of follow-up projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Congo.

At the same time, in the near future, the designers of Sichuan Instrument Co., Ltd. have gone through research and product development efforts. In just 45 days, they independently developed the “HVAC Positive Pressure Explosion-proof Heating Ventilation Analysis Cabin” and passed the BASF owner's on-site inspection and acceptance. It is worth mentioning that this analysis cabin product is independently developed by Chuanyi, which not only marks the progress of Sichuan Instrument's products to higher requirements such as explosion protection, but also adopts an outsourcing method to reduce costs further, and then enhances the market. Competitiveness.

ThermicTransfer bar plate Oil Cooler through 16 years of market tests, after 280 times upgrade improved and now is mature global standard series products, Can be used in any brand of concrete mixer truck and Engineering machinery.
Optional different heat transfer model
Optional different oil tank size (13 L- 36 L)
Optional different types of motor (DC12/24v AC110v/230v/380)
Optional different temperature sensor (77℉ - 176℉)
Optional different filtration precision filter

Optional long service life of the motor (up to 40000 hours)

Concrete Mixer Truck Oil Cooler

Concrete Mixer Truck Oil Cooler

Concrete Mixer Truck Oil Cooler,Oil Cooler,Hydraulic Oil Cooler,Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger

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