Safe, economical and efficient Faster retarder has seized 120 large orders

With the 120 sets of mid-mounted axle-mounted trucks equipped with Faster retarders in SAIC Hongyan's assembly shop, the signs of the cooperation between Fast and SAIC Hongyan in the new market and new models began.
With the 120 sets of mid-axle trucks equipped with Faster retarders in SAIC Hongyan assembly shop 120 sets of mid-axle trucks equipped with Faster retarder in SAIC Hongyan assembly shop

Faust hydraulic retarder performance advantages:

1. Reduce the brakes caused by frequent brakes and increase the safety of the brake system.

2. Avoid icing on the road surface in winter due to water spray and improve road safety.

1. Fuel-saving and environmental protection, it is urgent to install a watering device to reduce its own weight and save fuel and environmental protection.

2. Saving the cost of the car, eliminating the need for frequent braking, reducing tire wear and prolonging the service life of the tire.

3. Eliminate frequent replacement of brake pads and extend brake life by 4-8 times.

4. Annual savings of 14,000--27000 yuan maintenance costs, revenue is guaranteed.

1. Reduce the 80--90% service brake task, effectively relieve driver tension and reduce labor intensity.

2. Reduce the brake dust emission by 80%, greatly reduce the noise generated by braking and improve driving comfort.

1. There is an urgent need to add water to increase the cargo load, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing effective running time.

2. Maintain the best working condition of the engine. The hydraulic retarder can keep the engine temperature at 80-90 degrees, maintain the optimal cooling effect of the engine, and operate under optimal conditions.

Fast Transmission Fast Transmission

The Faster hydraulic retarder has the advantages of safety, economy and high efficiency. It has become the standard for high-end commercial vehicles. The success of this cooperation has opened up the deep cooperation mode between Fast Company and SAIC Hongyan. Achieve a new leap.

Reading volume: Source: Fast Transmission Author: Le Feng

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