Car accessories life

In the daily use of a car, how long is the life of a common accessory? In particular, people who regularly maintain vehicles but do not often replace parts do not know the service life. Today is the time to say how long it takes for these accessories to change.



What is the lifespan of the tire as part of direct contact with the ground? It is generally believed that it is 5-6 years. In fact, the life of the tires is not absolute, and the roads, climate, and routine maintenance that are taken in peacetime are all related. First of all, the valid period of the tire is 5 years after leaving the factory, even if the maintenance is no better because of the aging of the rubber also need to be replaced. Second, in normal use, tires will need to be replaced when the tread depth is 1.6mm, or there will be danger of puncture. There will be a bulge in the gap on each tire, which is a warning line with too thin a tread depth.


The replacement cycle of oil varies according to the type of physical and chemical barriers: Under normal circumstances, mineral oil is 5,000 kilometers, semi-synthetic motor oil is 7,000 kilometers, and fully synthetic motor oil is replaced every 10,000 kilometers. If the mileage is not reached, do not change it. After a long time, the lubricity of the oil drops. Continuing use will affect the service life of the engine. The proposal must be replaced more than half a year.

Brake pads

Brake pads are usually based on the owner's individual braking frequency and habits. In general, I think that brake pads need to be replaced when they are between 50-80,000 kilometers. It needs to be replaced when worn to less than 1.3 mm at the thinnest part of the rivet.

Brake Fluid

The service life of brake fluid is 50,000 kilometers or 2 years. It should be noted that the brake oil must be replaced immediately after the brake oil fails or the brake fluid enters the water. Otherwise, gas resistance may occur due to deterioration or water vaporization, which may cause the brake to malfunction.

Three filters

The life of the air filter is 60,000 kilometers, the life of the exterior of the fuel filter is 20,000 kilometers, and the interior is 60,000 kilometers. The life of the oil filter is the same as the life of the oil, and it is replaced when the oil is replaced.

Spark plug

The types of spark plugs are not available. The service life is 30,000 kilometers for the common type, 50,000 kilometers for the platinum type, and 70,000 kilometers for the sheet metal type.

Timing belt

If it is not stated in the instructions when replacing, the timing belt replacement cycle is generally 60,000 kilometers. When the timing belt is disconnected due to aging, the car will automatically shut down. If the driver continues to launch the vehicle, the valve will be damaged.

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