Brief introduction of specifications and types of explosion-proof cabinets

"Explosion-proof cabinet" scientific name fire safety cabinet, also called safety cabinet, fireproof cabinet, chemical cabinet, etc., according to its specific storage chemicals are also often referred to as paint cabinets, alcohol cabinets, Tianna water storage cabinets, and wiper water storage. Cabinets, weak corrosive cabinets and so on.

Explosion-proof cabinets can prevent fires, isolate dangerous liquids, quickly identify dangerous product types, and place them directly in the workplace without frequent trips to and from the storage room, improving work efficiency.

The explosion-proof cabinet is an industrial safety cabinet designated by the national fire safety inspection department and specially used for storing flammable and explosive materials, flammable materials, and weak corrosive materials;

It is also a specially designed fire and explosion storage chemical container according to industrial production safety;

At the same time, it can prevent the leakage of hazardous chemicals in the event of a fire and explosion in the event of a fire, and it can be used to prevent fire and explosion.

High-quality explosion-proof cabinets must obtain relevant certifications, such as CE certification, OSHABIA standard and NFPA standard, national highest explosion-proof testing analysis report, and fire detection analysis report.

High-quality explosion-proof safety cabinets comply with OSHA29CFR1910.106 (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations) and NFPACODE30 (National Fire Protection Association regulations) standards.

At the same time, it must go through the explosion-proof test analysis report and fire detection analysis report made by relevant agencies designated by the national security inspection department before it can be sold. ?

Its features are as follows:

1. Explosion-proof cabinet adopts double-layered cold-rolled steel with 1.2MM thickness, both inside and outside are treated with pickling phosphating, electrostatic spraying with epoxy resin, and can be burned at 1010 degrees for 2 hours, while the internal temperature is not higher than 177 degrees. The products inside are all preserved. Fully achieve the fireproof effect. It is not easy to be deformed, not easy to absorb moisture, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, safe and secure, and has obtained multinational authoritative certificates: US UL, Japan JIS, IS09001 certificate, accepted and recognized by more than 100 countries and regions in the world. It provides great security for our work and life and will become an essential security product for modern industry.

2. When a fire breaks out, the special material inside the cabinet can block the fire source and can better prevent the spread of fire. 3. There is a special grounding cable inside the cabinet to discharge all the static electricity generated inside the cabinet. Prevent the static electricity from causing fire.

4. Small size, better storage of dangerous goods, can be placed at random, easy and comfortable.

Explosion-proof cabinet series products are red, yellow, blue three colors, are epoxy resin spraying.

Yellow storage gasoline / alcohol / kerosene / methanol / ethanol / acetone and other flammable liquids and chemicals, flash point below 45 °C.

Red Storage Diesel Fuel/Oil/Oil/Petroleum/Benzene/Ink/Colorants Flammable liquids and chemicals, flash point above 45°C.

Blue weakly corrosive chemical storage cabinets store weakly corrosive articles such as acetic acid/carbonic acid/phosphoric acid/silicic acid/sulfurous acid/hypochlorous acid or weak acid and weak bases. The blue cabinet can be equipped with PP trays with excellent corrosion resistance.

The material and dimensions of the cabinet are the same, but the type of storage chemicals is different. In the process of storing chemicals, use color labels to identify, sort, separate, store various flammable/combustible/weakly corrosive chemicals. In doing so, it can also facilitate the firefighters to identify what kind of hazardous chemicals are stored inside the cabinet in the event of a fire.

The general specifications are as follows:

Their specification parameters are as follows:

Explosion-proof cabinets are also called safety cabinets, fire safety cabinets, explosion-proof safety cabinets, dangerous goods storage cabinets, fire cabinets, and flammable and explosive liquid storage cabinets. They are fire-fighting and security products that can store dangerous chemicals in separate categories. It not only can store, but also can be anti-corrosion, fire, explosion-proof, but also to provide compliance with the federal OSHA regulations and national and local fire regulations, for the chemical storage of classified, fire and explosion protection and security work has made significant contributions.

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