Drake salt spray chamber instrument set value and actual temperature deviation within the box adjustment

DRK644 salt spray corrosion test box is widely used in salt spray corrosion test of electroplating parts, paints, coatings, automobile and motorcycle parts, aerospace parts , metal material protective layers, and electric and electronic systems and other industrial products .

Temperature error is a comprehensive temperature performance index, which includes: temperature control instrument set value and the actual temperature deviation within the box, temperature fluctuation, temperature uniformity and other items, the following for your request salt spray test chamber instrument set value and inside the box Actual temperature deviation adjustment method:
There are two temperature control instruments in the salt spray test chamber. One controls the air temperature in the tank and the other controls the water temperature in the saturator. The setting of these two temperature control instruments has a great influence on the temperature error.
For the temperature control inside the box, the temperature sensor is close to the wall, and there is a distance to the geometric center of the box. Therefore, the temperature measured by the temperature sensor has a difference from the temperature of the geometric center of the box, and the box content is larger. The larger the difference, in order to eliminate the impact of this deviation on the temperature control of the tank, before the formal test, this deviation should be found and corrected to make the measured temperature near the center of the tank.

DRK644 salt spray corrosion test box control system:

1, high precision PID temperature controller, resolution +0.1 °C. Domestic digital display (standard) can be equipped with imported instruments.

2. All circuits are equipped with circuit breakers, all heaters are equipped with electronic and mechanical overheating protection devices, and the distribution box is made of fire-resistant resin.

3, continuous or periodic spray optional, double over-temperature protection, safe and reliable use.

DRK644 salt spray corrosion test box working principle:

1. The air compressor (optional) is wetted via the bubble tower that it leads to the nozzle.

2. The nozzle atomizes the corrosive solution and air into a corrosive aerosol.

3, the heater inside the box to maintain the temperature inside the box.

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