Research on China's Auto Parts Exchange Conference

The most troublesome thing now is how to become the largest influential power in China. The most missed exhibitors who missed the exhibition are some suitable exhibition halls with large area and convenient transportation. In addition to the increase in the number of exhibitors, the improvement of the exhibition site layout is also a major feature. Into the exhibition site we can not help but notice that more and more companies are putting a lot of effort into the booth layout. The unique booth layout has attracted more visitors. It has also become an opportunity to display corporate image. According to organizers, this year special booths (that is, non-standard booths) have reached 30% of the total booths. According to this trend, it will reach 40% to 50% in the future. The emergence of more and more "special" booths will continue to enhance the image and popularity of the auto parts club. The platform effect needs to be continuously strengthened After nearly 40 years of development, the Auto Parts Match has changed the old image of the Hummer Conference. However, how to further improve the quality and effectiveness of the show is still the organizer needs to consider. In response to this, the organizers have been constantly working hard on management and have increased their experience and deficiencies in each exhibition. This exhibition will strictly control the time for exhibitors to set up and dismantle their exhibitions and change the embarrassing situation that ended on the opening day. The organizer also hired a professional company to count the details of the audience. And to grasp the future demand trends in the show. For exhibitors to provide a rare letter to others.

The organizers also held various seminars during the exhibition to provide exhibitors and visitors with necessary channels for the exchange of technology and information. The third global procurement (OEM) and international buyer information conference held during the exhibition invited exporters from the United States, India, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, South Africa and other countries to bring direct sales. purchase item. For the participating companies to provide opportunities. Another event organised by the organizers is the 3rd China Auto Parts Purchasing, Supporting and Management Forum. The theme of this forum is to discuss the procurement of auto companies and the supporting issues of auto parts companies. More than 100 companies, including Delphi, Wanxiang Group and Dongfeng Industrial Company, participated in the seminar. At the same time there are many opportunities for auto parts. Activities organized by major and medium-sized companies and organizations. Such as the Yuhuan parts procurement supplier matchmaking meeting, the South China Auto Port project briefing. With the help of the scale effect of the auto parts market, some companies have also held dealer conferences and new product promotion conferences during the exhibition. Although the number is large, they are not much missed. If there is more communication with the organizer, and the unified organization, unified arrangement of time and venues, and announcement to the participating enterprise organizations will be more effective and effective. The Auto Parts Fair also attracted nearly 50 investment delegations from the National Association of Auto Parts Markets. They shuttled between the booths, met with old customers, and made new friends to do their utmost to recruit merchants for their respective Auto Parts City. It added a fire to the lively exhibition. Auto Parts has successfully held 56 sessions. From the time of planned economy, the organization and ordering of materials distribution and distribution, to the modern exhibition of auto parts exhibitions, exhibitions, exchanges and transactions. Auto Parts will continue to develop and progress.

To the end-user market force During the visit to the exhibition, the lively training activity organized by Beijing United Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. organized by the unified free professional oil change chain maintenance center attracted the attention of reporters and many visitors. It is not only an alliance promotion and training, from the point of view of auto parts. It is also the addition and impact of a new concept that indicates that the transition from the channel to the "terminal market" of the automotive aftermarket is taking shape. As we all know, unity is a large-scale professional lubricant manufacturer in China. The competition in the terminal market is currently the new focus of international competition. Therefore, “unified” also follows the trend to enter the conservation market. The person in charge of the company said that it will establish 200 “free travel” chain professional oil change and maintenance centers across the country, and through this project, it will achieve a strategic breakthrough in the retail market, thus realizing a new transition from product brands to service brands. The contradiction between "promoting more" and "recruiting good" China is currently the most potential automotive market. The auto parts market is also very space for development. This is for auto parts. It is a very good opportunity. Although the auto parts industry has achieved considerable success. However, there are still some problems. As the largest auto parts trade show in China, the size, grade and effect of the auto parts show will need further improvement. At this point, the contradiction between recruiting and recruiting is reflected in the fact that, on the one hand, due to the development needs of component manufacturers and distributors, they have increasingly turned their attention to Auto Parts; If the organizers focus too much on how to encourage more exhibitions and ignore the issues of controlling the scale of the participating companies, product quality, brand influence, etc., it may also have a negative impact on auto parts. Therefore, this may be one of the main considerations for the organizers. A look at the auto parts meeting in recent years. Although a certain number of foreign companies participate in each session. However, the overall size of the main players is mostly non-standard private enterprises and the original state-owned enterprises.

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