Lacing rivets also let the detector alarm

On June 6th, on the last day before the college entrance examination, candidates were undergoing a security check and they were ready to enter the examination room at a test center in Changsha.

For most candidates, this college entrance examination is their first time. Although many reference teachers require repeated explanations, it is easy to have various omissions without actual experience. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon on June 6th, almost all candidates waited outside the examination room. As expected, they were familiar with the examination room and familiar with the examination process.

30 examinees and 2 invigilators per examination room

On the afternoon of June 6th, despite the hot sun, candidates from an examination room outside Yuelu District had arrived early and waited outside the cordon of the teaching building. At 4:00 in the afternoon, the candidates presented the admission ticket to the teaching building and found their own examination room directly according to the illustration. However, it is still not possible to enter directly at this time. The invigilator takes the security instrument and waits in the door of the classroom.

Thirty candidates for each examination room spontaneously queued for security at the door. There are two invigilators, one male and one female, in each examination room. In general, male invigilators wait on the classroom rostrum, while female invigilators hold detectors for examination. According to the regulations, the invigilator carries out the security screening of candidates from the front to the back, and from top to bottom, the examination includes the head (including ears), trunk, limbs (including feet), etc., and focuses on the possibility of placing communication tools. Parts: Ears (spectacles with glasses must first remove the glasses), armpits, wrists,

Waist, belt buckle inside, pockets, shoes and socks, examination tools.

Girls wear watches to see exam room asked to take off

In a test room on the second floor of the test center, a female inspector with a white T-shirt carefully checked with a sounding instrument and promptly reminded the candidates that the glasses were to be removed and that neither the watch nor the kettle could be brought into the examination room. Mobile phones are even more important "banners." One of the girls was ready to enter the examination room. The invigilator pointed out that she wanted to take off the watch. The girls were a little embarrassed. She said she was accustomed to wearing a watch and the watch would not be used for fraud. But the invigilator told her that there was a big wall clock on the blackboard in front of the examination room, and even if I sat in the last row, I could see the time. The Provincial Education Examination Institute clearly stipulates that watches cannot enter the examination room, so formal examinations should not be used to enter the examination room.

At the scene, any metal objects on the candidate will make the detector sound an alarm. For example, metal buckles on belts and jeans, and candidates were a little nervous when the dripping sounds began. The inspector alarmed when the invigilator probed a boy's canvas shoes with a detector. The boys were a little nervous and explained to the invigilator. There are no contraband items in your shoes. The invigilator crouched down and probed it carefully. It turned out that the rivets on the canvas shoelace let the detector sound an alarm. The invigilator reminded him that during the formal examination, candidates try to wear T-shirts or sweatpants without metal decorations, and wear sports shoes without metal objects to prevent them from giving alarms when entering the examination room and affecting candidates' emotions.

Examination staff also have examinations

Candidates on the toilet must be accompanied by a sex invigilator

On the morning of June 6, all test attendants came to the test center, from 8:30 to 11:30, completed 3 hours of test training, and were familiar with each process to understand each of the regulations. Noon is the time for reviewing the examination manual. On the afternoon of the 6th it is the time for candidates to see the examination site. Before this time, all the examiners must complete a questionnaire examination.

Examination tests mainly include medical services, logistics, security, invigilation and other aspects, and some questions are specific to the invigilator. One question is “What should candidates do if they want to go to the bathroom?” The correct answer is that if candidates are to go to the toilet, they must first notify the mobile invigilator on the floor and ask them to accompany them. If the invigilator does not match the candidate's gender, the invigilator must exchange positions with an invigilator in the examination room to ensure that there are two invigilators in the examination room and that the teacher and the examinee are the same gender.

According to the person in charge of a test center in Yuelu District, the invigilators on the test of the day were basically out of perfect. Individual teachers did not get full scores because of the wrong question and two teachers did not get a full score. Point out their mistakes. An invigilator at the test center said: "This kind of training and examination is not vague at all. It is not as easy as the college entrance examination."

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