BM boiling pre-crystallization drying equipment settled in Zhoushan

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After the establishment of Zhoushan New Area of China Drying Network , Zhoushan Archipelago stepped into the period of traditional economic upgrading, and BM boiling pre-crystallization drying equipment and other industrial equipment entered the Zhoushan New District.

Zhonglang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. invested 4 billion high-tech environmental protection technology projects in the Dinghai Xingang Industrial Zone. After the completion of the project, the new building and ancillary facilities will have a total construction area of ​​96,700 square meters. The 6T/H bottle chip cleaning line will be purchased and the BM boiling pre- crystallization drying Equipment , screw, filter, spinning box, winder, staple fiber post-processing equipment and other facilities. The annual output of 500,000 tons of chemical fiber and 400,000 tons of bottle-chip cleaning project will reach a production value of 6 billion yuan and a profit of 600 million yuan after completion.

The implementation of this project is of great significance in further advancing the construction process of the city's modern high-tech environmental protection technology industry, advancing the adjustment of the city’s industrial structure and accelerating local economic development. Therefore, in order to protect the company's growing demand for production electricity, State Grid Zhoushan Power Supply Company has actively adjusted the power supply model to meet its production load requirements and the actual situation of the plant construction progress, and launched the Zhonglang Environmental Protection 35kV Transmission and Transformation Project access system project.

In order to obtain the approval of the 35kV access system project provincial company and government department as soon as possible to ensure timely power supply to users, Zhoushan Power Company’s Electric Power Economic and Technical Research Institute organizes various departments professionals to review the access system project and further optimize the economic and technical aspects. Program. In recent days, the access system project can be officially reported to provincial companies and government agencies for approval.

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