Detailed mobile command system

The command vehicle is a vehicle designed to deal with all kinds of sudden and large-scale emergencies. The mobile command vehicle integrates monitoring and command functions. Provide technical support for the on-site conductors, and also have facilities for solving basic life. The system of mobile command vehicles can realize procedures such as on-site forensics, monitoring, and office work. This vehicle perfectly integrates various command-related systems. You can quickly collect important information at the scene to help speed up the handling of incidents and improve the efficiency of processing.


The system of mobile command vehicles is not complicated and complicated, including several major aspects. There are mainly communication systems, video conference systems, monitoring systems, central control systems, power supply systems, and living facilities. These systems perform their duties and play a complementary role in the operation of the mobile command vehicle. Different systems have different functions, but each system is indispensable.

The communications system is the most important system in the mobile command vehicle. It can help collect and analyze data in the field. It will help the commander to better take appropriate measures and improve the efficiency of the work; the video conference system is used to communicate with superior leaders and listen to the command actions of the leaders; the monitoring system can monitor the situation around the incident, and the commanders can adapt to the situation through observation. can save manpower and material resources; central control system is a control device for a vehicle, and more mobile command vehicle equipment, skilled people required to operate control; power supply system to provide power for the operation of other systems, in addition to internal power supply system, but also a mobile command vehicle There is backup power supply. When the power supply system fails, the backup power supply system allows the system to continue operation without interruption; in addition to the systems used in these offices, in order for workers to be able to solve basic life needs, there are corresponding living facilities in the mobile command vehicle. . Each mobile command vehicle needs these systems to operate, and each system is necessary.

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