How to use hot oil pump

Hot oil pumps should be used in accordance with a certain way and principle when used, to ensure that they can play an important role and value in use, and can play a certain role in use. In the use of hot oil pump is used in accordance with principles and methods, pay attention to some matters.

1 The steering of the driver should be the same as that of the hot oil pump, and it should be used in accordance with a certain steering;

2 Heat pump should be preheated before test run, the temperature should be evenly increased, (temperature of environmental protection equipment) should not exceed 50°C per hour; the temperature difference between the surface of the pump body and the process piping with working medium should not be greater than 40 °C; Set the connection device to eliminate the effect of temperature rise, set the bypass connection device to provide the cooling water source;

3 There should be no looseness in each fixed connection part, and the specification and quantity of lubricant added to each lubrication part shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents;

4 Pre-lubricated parts in hot oil pumps shall be pre-lubricated according to regulations;

5 Each indicating instrument and safety protection device shall be sensitive, accurate and reliable; the disc brake shall be flexible and free of abnormal phenomena;

6 Find out the steering of the insulated gear pump and the coaxial pump.

(Environmental equipment applications) The following points should be noted when operating the hot oil pump:

1 It is forbidden to run without water, do not adjust the intake of people to reduce the displacement, and prohibit the operation under too low flow;

2 Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the leakage of the stuffing box, and use new packing when replacing the stuffing box;

3 to ensure that the mechanical seal has sufficient flushing water flow, water-cooled bearings prohibit the use of excessive water flow;

4 do not use too much lubricant;

5 Check the recommended cycle. Establish operational records, including hours of operation (environmental protection technology), adjustment and replacement of fillers, addition of lubricants and other maintenance measures and time. Centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressures, flow rates, input power, lotion and bearing temperature, and vibration conditions should be regularly recorded.

6 The host of the hot oil pump relies on the atmospheric pressure to pump water from a low point to a high point, while the atmospheric pressure can only support a water column of about 10.3m at maximum, so the host of the hot oil pump cannot work 12 meters off the water surface.

Hot oil pumps should be used in accordance with a certain way and principle.

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