Food sterilizing equipment has gradually become the "newest" in the food industry

Ensure that food in the production process from the secondary pollution of air bacteria, to avoid the total number of food colonies exceeded, effectively extend the shelf life of food, food safety and health protection, which requires advanced sterilization technology and equipment supporting support. As a result, a special phenomenon that has attracted attention in the industry is the blow-out procurement of food manufacturers: food dynamic sterilizers, auto-sensing hand sterilizers, and air-conditioning ventilation pipe sterilizing equipment, marking that food sterilizing equipment will gradually become an upstart in the food industry. .

Food sterilizing equipment is an unpopular industry. There are only one or two professional manufacturers in China, and all of them are concentrated in Shanghai. How could it suddenly become the "upstart" of the food industry? According to Mr. Zhou Li, the general manager of Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development of food sterilization technology and equipment manufacturing, the pollution of the atmospheric environment directly leads to the bad circulation of the indoor production environment, the bacteria in the air, the bacteria in the employees' hands, and air-conditioning. Breeding bacteria cause great potential safety hazards to food. The use of advanced sterilization equipment and scientific disinfection technology can completely control the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, prolong the shelf life of foods, and effectively protect food hygiene and safety.

According to Mr. Zhou Lie, Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., as a representative enterprise in the industry, is also required to assume the obligation of popularizing disinfection technology and disinfection knowledge to enterprises while developing and manufacturing high-quality food disinfection equipment.

First, the dynamic food disinfecting machine is mainly to control the secondary pollution of air bacteria, referring to "the product to be packaged is also subject to active pollution pollution sources." In food production, when raw materials are processed into semi-finished products, the microorganisms are basically eliminated through high-temperature or radiation sterilization, but in the cooling, packaging, and filling processes, they are in direct contact with the air of the workshop, if the air contains more microorganisms, Microorganisms will adhere to the surface of the food and contaminate the food again, so the food shop needs to purchase dynamic disinfection equipment.

Its principle is that high-voltage direct current pulses are used to make the plasma electrostatic field produce a reverse electricity effect, generate a large amount of plasma to decompose and kill bacteria, and then secondary sterilizing and purification of components such as filters and electrostatic nets, so that the controlled environment can reach “sterility” Dust-free standard. Because, in the workshop disinfection at the same time people can work in the workshop, without any harm to the human body, it is called "food dynamic disinfection machine." Recently, this equipment has gradually been used for important aspects such as cooling, packaging and filling of food companies.

Second, the automatic sensor hand sterilizer is mainly to avoid secondary cross-infection of microorganisms in the hand, referring to "contamination of hand bacteria during product processing." In the process of being processed, the food is contaminated by the unclean substances contained in the hands during passive contact. The harmful bacteria will multiply and grow, causing the food bacteria to exceed the standards. The hand disinfection method is careless. In addition to contaminating food, it can contaminate containers, contaminated tools, and contaminated countertops. Finally, cross-contaminated foods are superimposed, causing food to fail.

Hand disinfection is a simple and negligible step and is largely ignored. There are many opportunities for bacteria, viruses, and dirt that come into contact with the outside world, and they are easily soiled. There are about 800,000 bacteria in unwashed hands. At present, many companies have flaws in their hand disinfection methods. Soaking and disinfecting hands with peroxide-based disinfectants or chlorine-based disinfectants will require 3 minutes of continuous soaking to achieve the expected sterilization effect. However, most workers only concentrate when they go to work. Can symbolically share a pot of sterilized water and immerse it. The disinfection time is not guaranteed, and many people use it repeatedly. As a result, the concentration of sterilizing water is not enough to become a source of pollution. After washing the hands, the public towel is used to wipe hands. The pollution is even more serious. The dyke was destroyed by the anthill.

Mr. Zhou Ju, of Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. suggested that food companies should establish "automated hand-washing, automatic hand-drying, and automatic disinfection" sanitization procedures to cater to the prevailing "GMP," "SSOP," "HACCP," and "QS." "The plan, if a NCL-Q8 automatic sensor sterilizer is installed in every key post requiring hand disinfection, at the same time as meeting the standard requirements, it will not only save a large amount of disinfectant, but also increase work efficiency and avoid the two before and after disinfection. Sub-pollution, rapid killing of hand bacteria, calculated after the first time of sterilization, it is recommended to re-disinfect the hand every 60 to 90 minutes, blocking the breeding and reproduction of hand bacteria.

Third, air-conditioning ventilation pipe disinfection and sterilization equipment is to control the secondary pollution of air-conditioning duct bacteria: refers to the "products during the process of air conditioning / air pipe blowing secondary pollution of bacteria." Central air-conditioning or ventilation ducts, while regulating the indoor temperature, dust accumulation on the inner wall of the air duct, air-conditioner cooler, and early-stage high-efficiency filters breed and multiply the bacteria and diffuse into the indoor air to cause secondary pollution to the food, resulting in food failure. .

The quality control equipment for controlling the secondary pollution of the air-conditioning duct needs very professional technology and construction experience. Before the production, the equipment needs to strictly collect the customer's on-site production requirements, air volume, humidity, and piping layout. The installation location is in the junior-secondary efficiency filter. Behind it, it is embedded in a loop purge duct or unit. Is equivalent to the central air conditioning or ventilation system into a large air disinfection machine, not only control their own secondary pollution, and kill new microorganisms in the return air, protect food safety.

It is reported that Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional dynamic disinfectant product R&D and manufacturing company. It is the only supplier in the industry that provides comprehensive system-wide dynamic disinfection solutions. It is also a professional enterprise that provides customized disinfection products for food customers. The principle of “doing only the best products, not the cheapest products”, the products developed and manufactured mainly solve the three major problems of the food industry: secondary pollution of air bacteria, secondary cross-infection of bacteria in hands, central air-conditioning (air duct) bacteria Pollution has an epoch-making significance in creating a food safety production environment. It can be called the "mainstream" of the food industry's "upstart".

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