China's mold output may exceed 250 billion in 2011

Luo Baihui, executive secretary of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, said recently that with the rebound of the global economy and the rapid development of the mold industry, the mold industry can achieve higher growth this year. The mold industry will be in a stable development in 2011. There will be an increase of more than 18%. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's mold output value may exceed 250 billion, so the total demand for steel products in the mold industry will continue to rise.

Luo Baihui pointed out that the mold industry is a stable user in the iron and steel industry, and it is a major promoter of upgrading steel products. The upgrade of the mold industry is to a certain extent subject to the varieties, quality, and services of high-grade steel products.

The first is to speed up the development of high-quality special steels for high-end molds.

Such as supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power equipment required for high-temperature high-pressure steel, high-strength steel materials required for large-scale mold machine tool equipment, high-grade bearing equipment required for high-quality bearing steel, high-grade stamping mold required for high-quality mold steel.

The second is to improve the quality of steel products.

In recent years, the steel industry has stepped up the pace of independent innovation and developed new products, such as high-quality silicon steel sheets that are urgently needed for motors and blades. However, it must be ensured that its performance consistency and quality stability, otherwise the relevant companies dare not use.

The third is to jointly build a win-win customer relationship.

Mould enterprises and iron and steel enterprises are upstream and downstream, and they share common experience and feelings in independent innovation. It is hoped that the two sides will be able to change their thinking, position themselves for the sake of the other side, and have a long-term perspective. They will support each other and make joint efforts for autonomy of high-end equipment in China as soon as possible, and for autonomy of high-end steel products in China as soon as possible.

In recent years, the demand for steel products in China has grown at a rate of 20%. In 2010, the demand for mold steel production in China is expected to reach 1 million tons. However, the production of China's mold steel has not increased significantly. With the continued development of the mold industry in China, the import volume of steel for high-grade molds continues to increase, and it is expected that the steel imports for mold steel will also increase significantly.

The steel imports for moulds mainly come from Japan's Tatung Company, Hitachi Ltd., ThyssenKrupp AG, Sweden, a win-one-hundred company, Austrian Lekavin, South Korea and other countries. The die steel ADC3, SMV4S for hot die-casting in Auduwer, France, is the designated steel for the North American Die Casting Society. The plastic die steel is the preferred steel grade for European household appliances and automotive die users. According to the state of use, China's die steel is mainly divided into plastic die steel about 50%, cold work die steel about 28%, cold work die steel about 20%, and special performance steel about 2%. The demand for these types of steel is expected. It will also grow in sync.

Luo Baihui said that currently China's mold steel, plastic mold steel accounted for about 50%, and its demand is expected to further increase. However, the increase in China's production of steel for molds is not obvious. The import volume of high-grade mold steel for the mold industry is increasing day by day, and the import of steel for molds will also increase significantly. Statistics show that imports mainly come from Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, South Korea and other places.

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